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Never write in Java a getter or equals method again

The lombok project helps you to be more productive Lombok is a great tool. Your code often gets verbose for common tasks. So what does lombok? The framework is plugged into the build process. It autogenerates bytecode into your class fields through a couple of annotations. Here comes the build.gradle: So let’s have a look […]

Update your package dependencies

So why should I update the deps for my application? Keeping your dependencies up-to-date is more important than ever One reason is that if you update the dependencies regularly than you can do painless migrations. Nearly every 6 months major releases of frameworks e.g like angular or react with API breaking changes are available. And such a […]

Getting Eclipse Neon running under Kubuntu (14.04 LTS)

Here I write about the pitfalls getting Eclipse Neon running Black tooltips First issue was an easy one. I fixed the behaviour as follows: System Settings > Common Appearance and Behaviour > Application Appearance > Colours > Colour > Tooltip Background > Tooltip Text Choose a different color and click apply.   Eclipse crashes opening some […]