Update your package dependencies

So why should I update the deps for my application?

Keeping your dependencies up-to-date is more important than ever
One reason is that if you update the dependencies regularly than you can do painless migrations. Nearly every 6 months major releases of frameworks e.g like angular or react with API breaking changes are available. And such a frequent release policy applies not only for frameworks, but also for libraries and tools you need for developing your app.

Another aspect is security. Today everything is connected to the internet. New vulnerabilities in libraries are found, exploited and patched within days. That means everytime a vulnerability is found, you have to update the dependency asap.

So not to be left behind, we have to chreck the dependencies on a regulary base. Tools like npm-check-updated or maven with the versions plugin help us to stay up-to-date.

Solid dependency management is a primary requirement. And package updates should be a regular step in your software development cycle.