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Spark, HBase and Gradle

While I read the book Learning Spark, I really missed a Gradle build file for my Spark job. As a huge Gradle fan, I put together a build file. Concurrently I’m playing around with Spark and HBase. So here is my build.gradle, which also contains dependencies to HBase. View the code on Gist. HTH!

BigData Tutorials and Tools

„Hadoop: the Definitive Guide.“ is the most important text on Hadoop. Online you’ll find other useful tutorials. So here just a quick list of good Big Data tutorials: Hadoop https://developer.yahoo.com/hadoop/tutorial/ https://github.com/templedf/javaone14_handsonhadoop  (Slides) Spark http://ampcamp.berkeley.edu/big-data-mini-course-home/ Quick Start VMs Cloudera and Hortonworks offers you VM Images (single-node cluster). That’s really cool. Cloudera Quickstart VM Hortonworks Sandbox Reference: […]

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