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Test JSON with a few lines of code

JSONassert helps you writing JSON unit tests You have to write a unit test and JSON is involved. Usually this will end up in a lot of lines of code. You know the situation, I bet. Here JSONassert comes into play. It allows to write JSON unit tests with just a few lines of code. For example checking an […]

Reading YAML configurations in Java

How can I use YAML for my Java application? YAML is human-readable and a cool datat interchange format. It’s lean appearance make it special e.g. for configuration files or when humans view or edit data structures. It’s well suited for hierachical data presentation and you can easily map common data structures. Jackson and SnakeYaml Here I […]

Reading and Writing JSON with JSON Processing API

As a big fan of Java EE 7, recently I had a look at the JSON Processing API. As you know JSON is a data exchange format widely used in web services and other connected applications. The new JSON Processing API (JSR 353), is a lightweight API to parse, transform, and query JSON data using a object model or […]

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