Four Design Rules – Slides available

Presentation about Kent Becks simplicity rules I talked about the four design rules. The slides show what is so special about these rules, what the advantages and disadvantages are and in what order they should be applied. These simple rules are easy to remember, they help to improve the code and lead to a simple, […]

How to test a Quarkus GraphQL API

With curl, the GraphQL tool, insomnia and Rest-assured In the previous article I described the Quarkus GraphQL support and we discussed some GraphQL topics. Now I’ll show you how to test your GraphQL API with curl, the GraphQL tool, insomnia and Rest-assured. As an example I use my superhero project from my last article, which […]

GraphQL APIs with Quarkus

A query language for your API In this article, I’ll show you Quarkus GraphQL support. As an example, I use the Superheroes application from my previous articles. We will discuss some GraphQL topics. Code, dependencies and modelThe source code for this app is available on Github. If you like, you can try the examples by […]

Document your database

Simply and easily with SchemaSpy It has never been easier to document you db. SchemaSpy analyzes your database with tables, columns, types and indexes. It even creates diagrams with relationships of your existing database. The installation is super easy. You just have to download SchemaSpy and your database driver. Even Graphviz is no longer required. […]

Writing key values from Java to Consul

How to write key values to Consul In the first example we are going to use the HTTP API directly, in the second one we are going to use the Java Consul API ecwid. On Github you’ll find all the examples. So, let’s start. HTTP APIIn this example we store the value „buon giorno“ with […]

Validate JSON in Java with JSON Schema

Describe and validate your JSON documents I programmed a lot with XML and XML Schema helped me to define which elements and attributes can appear in a document. So I always wanted a grammar for JSON too. JSON Schema is exactly what I wanted. It has the following advantages:* describes existing data formats * provides […]

@apiNote, @implSpec and @implNote with Gradle

How-to build JavaDoc In this post, I explain to you how you can build JavaDoc with the new tags @apiNote, @implSpec and @implNote with Gradle. Prior to the new tags, the „JavaDoc“ always consisted of documentation about implementation and informative notes in a mixed way. With @apiNote, @implSpec and @implNote you can place different kinds […]

Microservices with Quarkus

Develop microservices with Quarkus and MicroProfile I bet you already have heard about Quarkus and MicroProfile. Microservices is today the most popular architecture style when creating cloud-native applications. Spring Boot is a good choice, but typical frameworks like Java EE/Jakarta EE, are not sufficient. Now Quarkus is an interesting alternative. Quarkus („Supersonic Subatomic Java“) is […]

HelloWorld with RESTEasy

An example with Gradle and current libraries RESTEasy is a cool project for building RESTful Web Services with Java. It is an JAX-RS implementation. And I really like the tight integration into quarkus. I show you how to build a simple project with Gradle (build.gradle.kts): That’s everything you need for building the project. And the […]


Standards and best practices REST is a defacto standard and every developer implements REST APIs in a different way. In this talk I’ll show best practices and standards around REST. I talk about developer experience with REST APIs, resource naming conventions, URI structure, HTTP methods / status codes and the REST Maturity Model. And the […]

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