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This tool is great! I came across SDKMAN in a Spring tutorial. It’s a tool like rvm which helps you to manage parallel version of a SDK for the JVM like: * Java * Gradle * Groovy * Kotlin * Maven * Scala * Spring Boot * Vert.x It’s what compelling, so I installed it […]

Embedded Jetty with Servlet and Annotations

How do I programmatically configure Jetty that I can use Servlet Annotations? If you doing just servlets with jetty, this article could be interesting for you. I show you how I did it. Here comes the configuration: And I defined the following dependencies in build.gradle. That’s all. Hope this helps! Here is the link to […]

Spark, HBase and Gradle

While I read the book Learning Spark, I really missed a Gradle build file for my Spark job. As a huge Gradle fan, I put together a build file. Concurrently I’m playing around with Spark and HBase. So here is my build.gradle, which also contains dependencies to HBase. View the code on Gist. HTH!

Checkstyle, FindBugs and PMD Gradle Configuration

Configure Code Analysis Tools with Gradle I’m really happy that configuring Checkstyle, Findbugs and PMD with Gradle is so easy. So if you want to see how I configured the tools than have a quick look at this code snippet gist: https://gist.github.com/claudioaltamura/a9e59c009db38d615dae After you have configured your Code Analysis Tool, you just have to type in: gradle […]