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Microservices with Quarkus

Develop microservices with Quarkus and MicroProfile I bet you already have heard about Quarkus and MicroProfile. Microservices is today the most popular architecture style when creating cloud-native applications. Spring Boot is a good choice, but typical frameworks like Java EE/Jakarta EE, are not sufficient. Now Quarkus is an interesting alternative. Quarkus („Supersonic Subatomic Java“) is […]

Analyze application performance with CDI Interceptors

Using interceptors for analyzing performance issues Do you know statements in your code like this? Analyzing how long the execution of a method takes is a cross-cutting concern. Cross-cutting concerns like transactions, caching or measuring latencies are aspects of a program that cannot be cleanly decomposed from the rest of the system. So they result in either code duplication or significant dependencies […]